The Meeting

She sat at the empty table under the oak tree, nervously lighting a cigarette. How was she going to explain what happened?

She’d lived in fear for years, frightened that this day would one day come, yet somehow afraid that it might never come. Stubbing her cigarette into the ashtray on the table, she reached in her purse and pulled her compact out, looking in the mirror, and dabbing some powder on her face. Then, replacing the compact, she saw the young woman coming and she rose, with her arms open, as the young woman asked, “Are you my mother?”

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers

Challenge – Friday 2nd May 2014

This post was written in response to the Light and Shade Challenge.  The rules of the prompt were to write a 100 word post using one or both of two prompts. One was a picture prompt, (at the top), which I chose to respond to. The other prompt was a quote, which I did not respond to: 

She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake – Margo Asquith



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