O Jesus, Help Me!


by Ben Huberman

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do not be afraid

Alone and hopeless
Depressed and forlorn

In search of a Savior
To reach out and help

I searched high and low
To find Someone who’d love
This poor wretched wraith
Someone who was willing to help

I yearned for true love
I longed for peace and for joy
I needed Someone to help
Give me, the desires of my heart

But though I thirsted and searched
And pleaded for help
No one really cared
Or even wanted to help

Then finally one day,
In the depths of my  quandary
I cried out, “O Jesus!
“Will You come and help?”

In that very instant
I felt so much peace,
As joy flooded my soul,
I felt His right hand lift me, up from the mire

“Peace, be still,”  He whispered to me
“You’ve always been loved
“I’ve always been near
“Watching and waiting for you to cry out

Then, enveloping me
In His loving arms as I wept
Jesus promised me,
“I’ll be with you always, ready to help!”

© 2016
Cheryl A. Showers

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