Spirit of Heaviness – Go!

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Spirit of heaviness – go!

Spirit of God, come

Come, hold me close

Come, comfort me, please

Please bring me through

Please mend my heart

Heart, stop breaking

Heart, be filled

Filled with God’s Spirit

Filled with His peace

Peace in the midst of this storm

Peace, be still, my soul

Soul, why are you troubled?

Soul, let go of the past

Past all of the shame

Past all of the anguish

Anguish that runs deep

Anguish that won’t stop

Stop all of the hurt

Stop all the torment

Torment that floods

Torment that tortures

Tortures my soul

Tortures my mind

Mind cluttered with images

Mind strewn with memories

Memories of abused love

Memories of a child abandoned

Abandoned by father and mother

Abandoned to her tormentor

Tormentor please, stop touching me!

Tormentor go – Please help me Jesus!

Jesus, please save me

Jesus, give me Your strength

Strength when I’m weak

Strength to forgive

Forgive my abusers

Forgive my accusers

Accusers who lied

Accusers who believed all their lies

Lies that I was no good

Lies that I am unworthy

Unworthy of truth

Unworthy of love

Love from the family

Love from Father God

God, who will never forsake me

God makes me worthy



© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers

 This poem was written during a dark night of the soul, yet I refuse to give up hope. It is being submitted to the YeahWrite.me Fiction/Poetry challenge, simply because I want to share it with others who may also be going through a dark time, so they may hope too.

10 responses to “Spirit of Heaviness – Go!

  1. The internal repetition lends itself so well to the liturgical theme here. Which, ok, everyone else already said but I want to emphasize. This whole poem feels very natural and intentional.

    • Thank you Saroful. It was my own personal psalm (a blitz poem) to the Almighty, to help me through one of those dark nights our souls all too often face. I appreciate your reading and taking the time to comment.

      God bless you,

  2. I, too, was moved by the repetition. It effectively carries the poem and gives greater emphasis to each line. Nicely done, Cheryl.

  3. This reads like a prayer, which it is, I’d venture. The way you repeat words, the cycle of them – really effective. Nicely done, and it’s good to see you back at yeah write.

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