Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Image Credit: Only A Mustard Seed

Image Credit:
Only A Mustard Seed

Son of God 

Son of Man 

Man of meekness 

Man of sorrows 

Sorrows and pain 

Sorrows and burdens 

Burdens He bore 

Burdens and grief 

Grief for mankind 

Grief pierced His heart 

Heart heavy, He wept 

Heart broken, He died 

Died for our sins 

Died on the cross 

Cross, oh so heavy 

Cross oh so cruel 

Cruel hammer drove nails 

Cruel crown of thorns 

Thorns sharp like daggers 

Thorns on His head 

Head full of blood 

Head bowed to pray 

Pray, “Father forgive” 

Pray, “It is finished” 

Finished, complete 

Finished, He paid 

Paid the full price 

Paid for our sin 

Sin like a cancer 

Sin that kills 

Kills all of mankind 

Kills and destroys 

Destroys many lives 

Destroys all but Christ 

Christ destroyed sin 

Christ is victorious 

Victorious He died 

Victorious He arose 

Arose from the grave 

Arose to the kingdom 

Kingdom of heaven 

Kingdom of God 

God, full of mercy 

God, full of grace 

Grace freely given 

Grace, mighty to save 

Save us Jesus 

Save us Lord 



© 2015
Cheryl A. Showers

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