Cleanse Me, O God!


by Ben Huberman


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Psalm 51-1-2+

Dirty within
Dirty without
Without any hope
Without any grace
Grace to free me
Grace to cleanse me
Cleanse me within
Cleanse my heart and my soul
Soul, O be still
Soul find your rest
Rest for the weary
Rest from my burden
Burden so heavy
Burden of sin
Sin like a cancer
Sin full of filth
Filth ruins lives
Filth also destroys
Destroys from within
Destroys with no mercy
“Mercy!” I cry
Mercy, O Jesus!
Jesus, please save me
Jesus, come cleanse!
Cleanse me within
Cleanse me without
Without Christ I die
Without Christ – no life
Life to live free
Life freely give
Give to help others
Give to my Savior
Savior who cleanses
Savior who saves
Saves me from sin
Saves me and heals
Heals within and without
Heals and sets free
Free, God I’m free!
Free, full of grace
Grace overflows
Grace – won’t you come?
Come and be clean
Come and be saved
Saved from death and the grave
Saved to arise
Arise and be cleansed
Arise from the mire

© 2016
Cheryl A. Showers

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