vacation“Excuse me,” she queried, “vat benefits?”

“Oh,” the director of human resources smiled, “that’s the first thing everyone wants to know about when they’re hired. “All of our employees receive company paid health insurance, a 401-K plan, stock options, two weeks sick leave, and two weeks paid vacation for the first five years of employment, and another week of paid vacation for every additional five years of service thereafter.”

“Excuse me,” she asked in confusion, shaking her head, “vat iss vacation?”

Now, it was the director of human resources turn to look confused as she replied, “You don’t know what a vacation is?”

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers


6 responses to “Vacation?

  1. Being a union activist I can see the sad story which you’ve presented. A story of a hard working woman who had been taken advantage of since the first day she’d started to work. Naturally she sounds a little strange asking what she does, but we’ve got to remember this is because of her ignorance that benefits like these have ever existed. Quite thought provoking once you read between the lines.

    I loved reading this.

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