Sealed With A Kiss

Dearest Daniel,

Image Credit: Amber Harrison

Image Credit:
Amber Harrison

I love how your eyes sparkle and turn a deep shade of blue, as they gaze into mine… Oh my darling, I know you didn’t mean what you said in the courtroom, and I forgive you. We both know I didn’t stalk you. Sweetheart, remember how you beckoned me with every glance? We were meant to be together and one day, my love, when I’m free from this prison, we’ll finally be together forever. Beloved Daniel, as high or as deep as you go, I will follow, and only death will separate us!

Sealed With A Kiss,

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers


4 responses to “Sealed With A Kiss

  1. I totally did not expect that, Cheryl! Suzanne gives me the shivers. 🙂 Especially: “I know you did not mean what you said in the courtroom.” That’s where the creepy started. Though, thinking on the lyrics now, I can see where there’s a bit of obsession in the song.

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