Do You Think I’m Stupid?

I loved her dearly, and wanted to believe her, but she hackneyed the same lame excuse she’d given me the last time it happened, and three other times prior to that! I had been extremely patient and forgiving each time she’d arrived three hours late, with pine needles in her hair, but now, I was furious. “For crying out loud, Shelley! How come your boyfriend’s car has no problem starting and arriving here on time to pick you up, but when it’s time for you to come home, it stops running? Can you explain that? Do you think I’m stupid?”

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers

Image Credit: Velvet Verbosity

Image Credit:
Velvet Verbosity

4 responses to “Do You Think I’m Stupid?

  1. Teenagers . . . I just tried to remember what it was like at that age – it helped me put things in perspective with mine AND ensured I watched her like a hawk LOL! BUT I would’ve had to inquire about the pine needles 😉

    • LOL – Praise God, mine are all grown up with children of their own now, and I can assure you, had it been my child, I would not have been limited to 100 words, and I most certainly would have addressed the pine needles! 😀

    • LOL – They were as creative as any teenager can be… Of course they just don’t understand that parents were also teenagers at one time, and they created many of the excuses their children try to use on them. 😉

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