The Handprints of God

One day, when I am gone,
Will someone find any evidence
Of my existence?
Where will those who are left behind
Find my handprints?
Will they  find my handprints
On the Dr. Seuss books
That I read to my children, my daycare kids
And my grandchildren?
Or will they find my handprints
On each of my bibles
As I studied and marked them and meditated
While I listened for God’s voice?
Will they  find my handprints
On my pots and pans and the range
Where I prepared many meals?
Will they find my handprints
On the faucets of the kitchen sink,
Where I washed numerous dishes,
While praying for a new dishwasher
That never came?
Perhaps they will find my handprints
On the doors to the many churches,
Where I ministered and was ministered to,
Before the Lord led me to each new church,
Never allowing me to stay too long in one place.
Will anyone find my handprints, my kneeprints
And the salty watermarks left by my tears
On the many altars
Where I bowed low before the Lord,
Worshiping Him,
Loving Him,
Needing Him desperately,
As I called upon His name?
Will my handprints be found
In many classrooms,
Where I taught others
The truth of God’s Word?
Maybe my handprints will be found
In the prison,
Where I visited,
And prayed,
And preached God’s Word…
Or maybe my handprints will be found
On the arms,
And faces,
And hearts
Of the prostitutes,
The addicts,
The thieves,
And the murderers
That I held in my arms,
And loved,
And prayed for.
But I don’t think so…
For at each of those places I visited,
It was another,
More beautiful,
More powerful and creative
Set of handprints
That I sought and found,
And my prayer is that
When I am gone,
Others too, will see
The handprints of God.

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers

Image Credit: OctPowriMo

Image Credit:

 This was written for Day 21 of OctPoWriMo (better late than never). To read what others have written, please click the link.


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