Christ is Worth the Risk

Poetry Prompts:

When was the last time you took a risk for something you believed in? How do you use your words? What are you creating in the world with your poetry? Choose one or all of these questions and Free write for ten minutes.

Free Write – 10 minutes
The most risky thing I’ve ever stood for is my faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. I am a bonafide Christian. I’ve been saved by Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, bought with the price of His blood, and born again. Many think I’m foolish or crazy, and they’re absolutely right. I am a fool for Christ. As a born again Christian, my beliefs are often at odds with the rest of the world.
What some call an alternative lifestyle is called sin by God. What some call a woman’s right to choose is called murder by God. Many people call me intolerant, and I don’t deny it. I am intolerant of sin. Some have accused me of being filled with hate, because I say that homosexuality is a sin, yet those who truly know me, know that nothing could be further from the truth. I have ministered to people who call themselves gay, and I love them. I hate the sin of homosexuality, but never the person.
Some say that it isn’t possible to love the person if I hate what they are doing, but that’s just foolish. I love my children, and yet there have been many things they have done that I absolutely hate. I would move heaven and earth to protect my children, because I love them so deeply, even if my child committed murder. I would absolutely hate the crime they committed, and yet my love for my children would be just as deep as ever.
It is very risky for me to share my faith with others, including many family members, and yet, I must proclaim it to all who are willing to listen, not because it’s some crazy requirement for my religion, but because I love Jesus. He is the One who loved me when no one else did. He knows every sin I’ve ever committed and every sin that I ever will commit, and yet, He still loves me. He knows every thought I’ve ever had, and every thought I ever will have, before I even think it, and still, He loves me. When I think about the heights and depths of His love for me, how can I help but love Him? And then, when I think about how deeply He loves every man, woman and child that He’s created, even the most unlovable ones, how can I help but love those He loves?
He loves those who murder and have abortions for the sake of their “freedom of choice,” and He loves every man or woman who has fornicated or committed adultery, or acts of homosexuality. However, His word makes it very clear that the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, I love those whom He loves, and the reason I speak out against sin is because sin kills, just like cancer. 

Image Credit: North Valley News

Image Credit:
North Valley News

What’s the greatest risk I’ve taken for my beliefs?
To stand for Christ no matter what
Yet in exchange I’ve won His heart
Life eternal, unending love
And He’s the One who had to die
He chose to die for one like me
Full of sin and guilt and fear
Filled with bitterness, bile and strife
How could He die for one so vile?
And you ask me the greatest risk I’ve taken?
I’ve been set free from guilt and shame
He delivered me from all my fears
He gave me His amazing grace
He said I was worth dying for
He was despised and rejected for my sin
He was spit on and humiliated for my sin
He was whipped and hung upon a cross to die
He did all this for me in the name of love
You ask me the greatest risk I’ve taken,
But He risked it all for one like me.
I’ve rebelled against Him and been unfaithful
I’ve doubted Him and lied to Him
I’ve tried to do things my own way
Yet He’s been patient and forgiving
Yes, He’s the One who risked it all
Just because He loves me so
He did it all for you too, you know
© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers

Image Credit: OctPowriMo

Image Credit:

This was written for Day 4 of OctPoWriMo. To read what others have written, please click the link.

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