Her Innocence Remains

O, the joy and wonder that girlhood brings,

Of doll babies, sleepovers, ‘smores and things! 

With eyes filled with stars, each girl has a dream. 

As one girl drifts off in innocent sleep, 

Her erstwhile two friends planned their evil scheme;

Slender Man, this cruel sacrifice to keep.


Like a sheep’s lamb that’s readied for slaughter,

Unaware they’ve come to steal her daughter,

She took her child to her best friend’s place.

Both mother and child’s innocence they stole

Yet they underestimated God’s grace,

In their wicked plot to send her to sheol.


They butchered her, stabbing her nineteen times,

Their hearts cold as ice, intent on their crimes.

Though she pleaded and cried, begging, “Please stop!”

Slender Man, that demon, controlled their thoughts,

Their hearts were like stone as they stabbed and chopped,

One held her down; one enacted their plot.


Outweighed, underestimated, eyes dropped,

Once friends, now enemies, laugh and then stop.

“O God, are they gone?” she prays with eyes shut.

Heart hammers fearfully, “Please save me, God!”

She tries to move feeling pain from each cut.

“God help me escape,” she prayed as she crawled.


Months pass, wounds heal, but fears still remain strong,

Heart pounding, blood rushing, “O Lord, how long?”

Their attempt to steal her innocence failed,

Loves little kittens, loves hearing them purr.

Her foes arrested, let justice prevail,

May God calm her fears, innocence still pure,

For He’s the Giver of freedom for sure!!!

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers

This post was written in response to a prompt on The Reveriea poetic website that offers poetic prompts on Mondays. Please be sure to visit the site. I’ve read many powerful and moving poems there. I also wrote this poem in response to the episode I saw on ABC’s 20/20 on Friday, September 27, 2014, about 12-year-old Payton Leutner, who was stabbed 19 times by two of her friends, both also age 12. As I watched and later read about this horrific incidence, I couldn’t help but imagine the feelings and thoughts that flooded that little girl’s being as she sought some escape. I could also imagine the pain of her mother, who had unknowingly taken her daughter to a sleepover with these two girls, who sought to painfully and luridly murder her daughter.

Yet throughout this horrific story, there was a web of hope beautifully threaded throughout, as we witnessed Payton’s refusal to die, and her determination to see her captors apprehended. That strand of hope was present, when she was finally revealed to us, with a winsome smile, gently cradling a kitten in her hands. It was her hope and her innocence, which she refused to relinquish, despite the murderous attempt of her foes, that inspired me to write this poem on her behalf. I only pray that my attempt does her justice.

For more information about this dreadful event, please visit the following websites:

15 responses to “Her Innocence Remains

    • Thank you Helen. As horrible as the crime was, the little girl was a thousand times more lovely and inspiring. Thank you for reading!

      God bless you,

  1. Cheryl, your writing is beautiful in depicting this horrid event. But you are right there is a hope that shines through it all. Grace always wins!

  2. Very painful to read and quite confronting. I was unaware of this story and you painted such a graphic picture ………thank you for sharing

    • It was truly horrid and heartbreaking. And yet, this child is such a wonder, for not only did she survive, but there remains a purity about her that is moving. Thanks for reading and reblogging. God bless you!


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  4. Wow, I remember this story. Very heart-breaking. It leaves a very bitter sentiment. You did a wonderful job at portraying this in poetic form.

    • It was terribly heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the little girl who wanted to celebrate her friend’s birthday, and her parents, who just wanted their little girl to have fun with her friends. What a sad time we live in.

      I also feel so bad for the two little girls whose minds were so twisted by “Slender Man.” How sad they were willing to kill and ruin countless lives, including their own, for this creepy imaginary being.

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