Sometimes the Apple Does Fall Far Away From the Tree


Image Credit: Claire Fuller

Image Credit:
Claire Fuller

Like his father before him, he was fierce and mighty, with a bright shock of copper colored hair and deep blue eyes permanently squinted, from years spent in the bright sunlight, on the open sea. Though he looked like an exact replica of his father, that was the extent of their resemblance. Leif Ericsson was nothing like his father.

While Eric the Red was a debauched murderer, Leif followed a different path. After giving his life to Christ, while in Norway, Leif set out to discover new worlds, including America, in order to share the gospel with the natives there.

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers

This post was written for Rochelle Wisoff-FieldsFriday Fictioneers. The rules for this prompt are easy if you’d like to participate:

  • Write a 100 word (more or less) response to the photo prompt. (Mine was 100)
  • Link your story to the prompt (found here).
  • Read and comment on the other posts.


12 responses to “Sometimes the Apple Does Fall Far Away From the Tree

  1. Dear Cshowers, Good job! Love it, Lief Ericson was first, I’m sure, however, I was born on Columbus Day, so I’m sort of torn between the two. I loved your story! Nan 🙂

    • Thanks Snow’s Fissures and Fractures. I appreciate your reading and your encouraging words.They really blessed me!

      God bless you,

    • Thanks Traces of the Soul, I agree with you Learning should be enjoyable, not boring. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      God bless you,

    • LOL – No, Fabricating Fiction, somehow I don’t think he was either. After all, his son had left the family business of pillaging, raping and murdering. How could that make a father proud? 😉

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