The Melancholy Fool

He sidled into the kitchen from the back porch in shame. He’d really done it this time. He lifted his eyes briefly to see if she’d noticed him yet, but she didn’t act like it, as she danced around the kitchen, cleaning dishes and putting them away, while she sang that Miranda Lambert song, “Gunpowder and Lead.”

What was wrong with her anyway? Didn’t she care that he hadn’t come home all night? Didn’t she even miss him? Any good wife would be distraught if her husband didn’t come home. His self-pitying thoughts turned to anger.

“What’s wrong with you?” He raised his fist, advancing toward her. “Didn’t you even miss me, you stupid – -” Suddenly, his eyes grew big and he backed away from the pistol she had aimed between his eyes. As quickly has he had come, he left and he took his melancholy out the back door.

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers







This post was written for the prompt at Studio 30 Plus. The rules are below:

  • Go write [something] using our prompt (150 words or less){Mine is 150}
  • Use it as an opening line, use it as a closer, or use it in the middle. Just use it in verbatim within your story {The prompt was  “… He took his melancholy out the back door …”}
  • Come back here to link up in the comment section below;
  • Deadline to enter Saturday, noon CST (5 p.m. GMT);
  • We will then blab about it to the world via our Facebook page and our Twitter account;
  • Be seen by thousands of potential readers!

8 responses to “The Melancholy Fool

  1. when a woman finally finds her power it’s something to see isn’t it?

    nice use of the prompt, I always love to hear Miranda in the background of a woman rising!

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