The Decision

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“Tell me if you’re game.” His eyes sparkled, as he looked down into her dancing eyes. He was such a jokester, and though part of her wanted to make a statement that would be like the shot heard around the world, she felt uneasy as he tried to cajole her into taking part in his plan. Was he really serious about this? He couldn’t be… Doing the right thing didn’t include doing what was wrong. It didn’t include hurting and possibly killing to make sure the wrong thing wasn’t done. Surely he understood that, and he was just fooling around.

“Are you serious?”

“You tell me.” He pulled a set of keys from his pocket, dangling them in front of her, then laughing at her stunned expression.

“You are serious!” Again he laughed, this time at her statement of the obvious. Her face was so expressive, that he could almost see the wheels turning in her mind, as she tried to figure out what she should do. As she stared at those keys, she began to worry. This wasn’t just a joke. It was for real, and she wasn’t sure how to handle it. Nothing in life had ever prepared her for this type of situation. She wanted to do the right thing, the moral thing, but she was scared.

She could almost hear a voice whispering in her spirit, “Come on, Dawn. Sometimes, you just have to go along with things… do something illegal, that might even harm others, just to save yourself.”

“Come on, Dawn.” Startled out of her reverie, she looked Gary, who sounded like the voice whispering within. He sounded like the devil himself. “You’ve been very vocal about all of this, saying how bad it would be for the community, right? Well, it’s time to put those words into action! Are you game?”

“Wait a minute, Gary! Just give me some time to think about this.”

“We don’t have all night. I’ve got the keys, and if we’re going to do something, we need to get on with it!” Gary’s good humor was giving way to irritation. “I didn’t risk everything so we could stand here debating the pros and cons while you make up your mind!” His tone and his stance were threatening.

“I’m sorry Gary. I – It’s just that – Excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom, right now!” Dawn spun around, literally running to the bathroom. When she got there, she slammed the door, locking it. Her heart was slamming against her ribcage.

She liked Gary – or at least she had liked him, but now, there was something off about him. He had become sinister and scary. Why hadn’t she picked up on how strange he was until now?

Yes, she was against an abortion clinic being built in their community, and she had been very vocal about it. She had taken a strong stance against it, speaking at public meetings, on television, and writing articles for the local and state newspapers, to no avail. Though she had fought valiantly against it, and the defeat was heartbreaking, violence and vandalism had never once occurred to her.

“O God,” she trembled as she prayed aloud in the locked bathroom. “What do I do now? I thought he was just joking when he asked me if I wanted to drive the excavator into the river, and bomb the construction company that’s building the clinic. What am I going to do?

“I can’t be a part of this, Lord. He could kill someone. That violates the pro-life cause. Father, he’s going to kill me if I don’t go along with him, and my cell phone is out there with my purse. I can’t even call the police! Lord, what if I die and everyone thinks I was conspiring with him?”

Suddenly, there was a loud pounding on the door, “Dawn! What are you doing in there? Come on!”

“I – I’ll be out in a minute. I’m almost finished, okay?” She quickly went into the stall, because suddenly, she really felt the need to relieve herself. Then, after flushing the toilet, she washed her hands, silently praying all the while.

“Dawn! Get out here now!” The pounding began again, and the handle jiggled.

Taking a deep breath, Dawn unlocked the door and opened it, knowing that she had to do what was right, no matter what the cost. “I’m sorry Gary,” she spoke softly, but firmly. “This is wrong. We’re pro-life supporters, not murders!”

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers


8 responses to “The Decision

  1. I’m glad Dawn was able to make a stand for what was right and I hope she can change Gary’s mind. Nice take on the prompts, Cheryl! 🙂

  2. Yes, I’m glad she did the right thing. Fighting evil with evil is evil, even if it’s a lesser evil. You wrote this very well. I found her thought process and the dialogue to be very believable and I cheered when she stood her ground. Well done.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments Peggy. That is exactly how I feel. We must never fight evil with evil, because either way you look at it, whether it’s the lesser evil or the greater, evil will always be evil. I appreciate your encouragement.

      God bless you,

  3. Dawn is a logical thinker! (I always wondered how pro-lifers felt justified in killing or burning property, as it seems contradictory to their cause.)

    • I’m a pro-lifer, and the truth is those who kill and do those things and call themselves pro-lifers are simply trying to justify their own murderous behavior. They aren’t interested in protecting life, or they would know that every human life is precious, regardless of whether you agree with them or not… Now I’ll stop preaching. 😀

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