The Illustrious Career of Jimmy the Kid

Fastening the deep sea diving helmet on his head, and brandishing a harpoon, Jimmy terrorized his frightened little sister and her friend, chasing them out of the house, before walking to the bank and up to his mom’s window, pointing his harpoon at her. Not recognizing him, she and the other tellers screamed, giving him their money, much to his delight…

And thus began the illustrious career of one of the most infamous bank robbers in U.S. history, whose life of crime began at the tender young age of ten, and didn’t end until he was shot forty-three years later.

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers


20 responses to “The Illustrious Career of Jimmy the Kid

  1. Dear Cheryl,

    Wow. Think of what would happen to the world as we know it if all the harpoon, helmet wearing, antagonistic brothers went this direction. Good one.



    • Well, thankfully, this was so improbable, that it’s not something any of us need to worry about. What is really sad are some of the news headlines we hear at night… Those are the improbable stories that come true. Hopefully, mine never will.


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