When I Was Your Man

The blade against his throat sliced the first layer of his skin, causing his blood to spill. He winced at the sharp, searing pain, his dry throat convulsively gulping, as he tried to find some moisture in his dry mouth. He looked around the room desperately trying to find an escape, only to realize it would take a miracle.

Then, looking into his tormentor’s hate-filled eyes, he spoke bravely, “Why should I fear you? You should have killed me when I was your man. I belong to God now. You may kill my body, but you can’t touch my soul!”

© 2014
Cheryl A. Showers



6 responses to “When I Was Your Man

  1. I love the twist you took. I picture a former gangster trying to leave “the business” and becoming a priest of something.

    Small critique: you used the word “dry” twice in close proximity. When it’s such a short piece, you don’t want to repeat something like that…maybe switch out one to parched?

    • Carrie,

      What a great suggestion. I’m usually careful about that, but I wrote that while I was tired… not a good idea. I really do appreciate your critique, especially since it’s constructive. Many blessings to you. I’ll be sure to come over and read yours!


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